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eTrex Legend HCx GPS

eTrex Legend HCx GPS device information

Created on 3/8/2010 by rene. Last change on 4/11/2010 by rene.

Field trips tips

An overview of tips and guidelines for field trips. The article starts with tips and guidelines for your trip. Secondly we included suggestions for equipment to take with you.

Created on 8/30/2009 by rene. Last change on 5/24/2010 by rene.

Geocaching Westwall Bunkers

Geocaching information on Westwall Bunkers

Created on 3/10/2010 by rene. Last change on 9/4/2011 by rene.

GPS Coordinates

Information on how to use the GPS Coordinates found in the bunker information on this site.

Created on 12/28/2010 by rene. Last change on 4/18/2011 by rene.


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