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Der Buhlert

Information about Der Buhlert and the bunkers (pillboxes) located in this forest area. We included pictures of the bunkers and links to the information on the regelbau types. And not to forget travel information to these bunkers.

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The “Felsennest” is one of the Führer headquarters (Führer hauptquatier or FHQ). This FHQ is one of the less known locations, it was used during the battle in the West in the campaign against France and the Benelux.

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An article on a visit of Der Kermeter

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Kommern - LVR-Freilichtmuseums Kommern

Kommern - LVR-Freilichtmuseums Kommern

Created on 8/5/2014 by rene. Last change on 8/5/2014 by rene.

Luftverteidigungszone West, location Vogelsang

This is the former research article on a LVZ position near Vogelsang updated after a visit.

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Ochsenkopf - Peterberg

Information on the Ochsenkopf - Peterberg from past to present.

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The crossing at Wahlerscheid is also called "Heartbreak Crossroads" the road towards Belgium leads to Rocherath. During the war heavy fighting took place in the area of the crossroad not only due to U.S. offensive actions but also from German side during the "Battle of the Bulge".

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