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The team of Der Buhlert is a team of four, which comprises my family members and myself. We do not target extreme right elements but we are hobbyists with an interest of the westwall. Because we would like to keep some privacy have only included our first names.

René - "Iron Snake"

Leader of the squad as far as it is related to Westwall missions in the field.

rene          First Lieutenant

Annelies - "Thunderbolt"

Responsible for the general support of the squad and in charge of the supplies.

annelies First Sergeant

Luuk - "Trailblazer"

His special task is to support René in the field by asking questions about the need and purpose of the mission.

luuk Specialist

Sybe - "Grizzly"

Always keeping up the spirit in the field even when it is raining.

sybe Private First Class

The Equipment is supplied by

nikon ford garmin net

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