Der Buhlert

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Der Buhlert is a forest area near Schmidt (Germany) in which some bunkers can be found which are fully intact. The parking place near road L246 is a good place to start a field trip. Because of it's bunkers this area is well known by Westwall enthusiastics and information can be found on many websites. We visited Der Buhlert twice (September 2007 and August 2009), the pictures included where taken during these visits. 

The Bunkers

At Der Buhlert several bunkers can be found. Below you can find the bunkers and the links to the entries in the bunkers section. The bunkers are build in 1938 as part of the Limes program. The asphalt road from the parking place towards the bunkers was used to bring materials to the building place. The camp for the "Reichsarbeitsdienst-Lager" was located at the current parking place. As small bunker related to the building activities can be found near the parking place.


Bunker 139/140 is a regelbau type 11.

bunker 131

Bunker 131 is a regelbau type 10

bunker 153

Bunker 135 is a regelbau type 23 and lies directly behind bunker 131

bunker 132

Bunker 132 is a regelbau type 10. Caution when visiting this bunker because the exit of the emergency exit is open and a child can easily fall in. This exit is located on the upper right site of the bunker on the picture.

emercency exit 132




unknown bunker

Unknown bunker


In 1944/1945 these bunkers were occupied by the 272. Volks-Grenadierdivision. In the beginning of February of 1945 this line was overrun by the 78. US division. In the bunkers 132 and 135 you can still find tracks of the fighting that took place.


The bunkers can be visited by using parking place "Der Buhlert"  near road L246. Take the asphalt path into the forest and at the end go the left and follow the path until you reach a pond and then follow the path (no longer asphalt) to the right and that the first right. Bunker 139/140 can be found on your right hand (for GPS coordinates see the bunker section and maps).

map der buhlert


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