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In August 2009 during our holiday we visited Bastogne Historical Center and the memorial near the museum. Bastogne is one of the key cities during the Battle of the Bulge. There is a close relation between the Westwall and the Battle of the Bulge because for the allies this all together was about the battle for the Rhine (I'll write a separate article about that).

The museum and the surroundings are all about the fighting that took place in December 1944. The memorials are a tribute to the American divisions that took part in the fighting.



Please look at wikipedia for more information about the Mardasson Memorial In google earth you can see an arial view of the memorial.

Unfortunately photographing in the museum is prohibited, so I have no pictures of my own to show. I have included some pictures that are directly linked from there website to give an impression. The entrance fee for adults is EUR 8,50 and Eur 6,00 for children.


The museum has a collection of weapons, uniforms (Allies, German) etc. Every hand weapon used during the fighting around Bastogne can be seen. Besides the own collection, private collections can be seen during temporary exhibitions. A audio guided tour is included.


Furthermore two dioramas can be seen including German and American vehicles and equipment. Between the two dioramas you can visit a cinema with a movie about the Battle of The Bulge.


Also the obligatory shop is included. The assortment comprises for example books, clothing, replica items.


All together we had a good visit to the museum and memorial. If you are in the neighborhood visiting the site is advised.

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