Luftverteidigungszone West, location Vogelsang

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This article started as a research project we did for a planned field trip. On the former training area of Vogelsang there are bunkers located that were part of the Luft Verteidigungs Zone West. There are various bunkers from gun positions to munitions bunkers. The position is near Vogelsang and other Westwall bunkers. This article is updated after the actual visit.

Books and maps

From the book Bunkerstellungen der Luftverteidigungszone West im Rheinland und Hitlers Hauptquartier in Bad Münstereifel-Rodert by Manfred Gross we have took a map (page 225) were the bunkers were included on a map. From the book we noted that there were 17 buildings on the site. We have included the map below. All the bunkers are blown but still on location.


From map 6 of Der Westwall - Vom Denkmalwert des Unerfreulichen you can aslo see the bunkers as squares on the map. The circles are bunkers of the westwall.


Using Google Maps

We used  Google maps at maximum detail level and scan for remains. As the anti aircraft bunkers are out in the open we can spotted them relatively easily. You can match the paths with the maps above taken from the books. Before the visit we had tagged the supposed bunkers and entered them in Mapsource.


The GPS locations

As explained above we had transferred the locations to Mapsource so we can upload the bunkers to our GPS. Below you can see actual bunkers found and projected in Mapsource.


To bring everything together again we have exported the found GPS points to Google Earth so they can be seen on a satellite image.


Bunkers found

See the bunkers in this section

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