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We have visited the area of Der Kermeter near Rurberg in April 2010. We have parked our car in Rurberg near the Naturpark Tor (€ 3,00 for a day).  In the shop you can also buy a good map of the area. This area is part of the National park and is a great place for walking and biking. We have found and logged the bunkers marked on the map except for 300 because this one cannot be reached without leaving the path (which is prohibited). Most of the bunkers lay near the water because the water level was raised after the war. All the bunkers were fully blown.

Even if you not interested in pillboxes we can recommend this area for a nice walk.

Rurberg in the war

“The US First Army was ordered to advance in the Düren area together with units from the Ninth Army. Attacking out of Kesternich eastward, the 78th Infantry Division’s 311th Infantry Regiment under the US V Corps occupied Rurberg and the hills around the village after midnight, taking up advantageous positions at access routes to the Schwammenauel Dam to carry out a main assault against the Siegfried Line fortifications.” (Source of citation: From D-Day to V-Day)

 Bunkers found

During our visit we found the following 6 bunkers. You can follow the links to the bunker database to get to coordinates and more pictures.

Bunker 309
Bunker 367
Bunker 355
Bunker 305
Bunker 303
Bunker 302




-  Der Westwall – Vom Denkmalwert des Unerfreulichen

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