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The Multimedia-Historyguide is a Project of the Konejung-Stiftung: Kultur, that will bring the history in a new way. By interviews, pictures and films together with commentary of historians, archaeologies you will learn about the years 1937-1947. The names of the walking routes link to a flyer.

You can find audio files you can take with you during a walk but also videos with lots of historical footage. Below I have summarized the walking routes you can get from the site. There are six routes with audio/video, maps and flyers with extra information. I have linked information on this page to pages on my website for convenience. I have not walked any of these routes although I have visited some of these areas because of the bunkers that are in those areas. If you have any information about these routes please leave a comment.

Der Heinrich-Böll-Weg

A walking tour in the area of Burgberg and Nidiggen.


Der Westwall-Weg

A walking route starting were you visit Der Buhlert.


Der Ochsenkopf-Weg

A walking route on Ochsenkopf which you can easily combine with a visit to bunkers 118 and 119.


Der Kall Trail

A walk through the Kall tall were you can see the difficult route the American took in their attempt to take Schmidt.


Der Hemingway-Trail



Der Paul-Boesch-Weg

A walking route near Ehrenfriedhof Hürtgen.


You can find google earth data at this link.

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