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In august 2009 we visited this site during our holiday. Earlier that week we visited Fuhrtsbachtal and of course Der Buhlert. This was a second visit since October 2008. I have included  some pictures from the earlier visit.

The Bunkers

Below you can find pictures of the bunkers we found during our visit(s) together with the links to the individual pages of the bunkers. On the detail pages you can find a  image  map pointing out the position of the bunker. At the same page you can download a GPX file with the coordinated for your GPS device (us at own risk!).

Bunker P2 Bunker P2 is a destroyed bunker at the parking site. The piece of brick at the picture is the only part left. The building iron is sticking out.

Bunker 113 A blown up bunker where the whole roof is missing scattered around the place. This bunker is of the path near the site where an American soldier was found (see below).

Bunker 108 A bunker near the path which is fully destroyed, this is the only parts we found.

Bunker 107 Also a bunker of the path. The back of the bunker is blown out and the attached fighting position is destroyed. A video can be found here, the only mistake it for a anti tank gun equipped bunker. 

Bunker 106 A bunker near the path covered by trees. A fully blown bunker.

Bunker 105 Not even close to the path and the the grass land. A gps device is recommended. Due the de demolishing you can see through the bunker from one site to the other.


Bunker 118 On the other site of the road (at the side of the parker place) you can find this bunker on the edge of the valley. I used my GPS to find this bunker. Please watch out because of the steep slope.

Bunker 119 Near the path the remains of a bunker.

Memorials at the site

Near the path you can find two memorials regarding soldiers (German and U.S.) found after the war. Of the path (near bunker 113) you can visit the place where the actually found the soldier (Missing in Action).


In 1976 the two Americans Francis Dempfle and Richard Quick have been found killed obviously together with a German soldier who could not be identified. The two Americans could be identified by their ID tags. They had been brought back home to the United States. The German soldier stayed unidentified and has been buried in Vossenack. It can be assumed by the date of their death as to which squad the two Americans belonged.



In the direct vicinity of a.m. stone, hardly 100 metres further, Robert Cahow has been found and recovered by a clearance troup of war materials after 56 years. He had been missed since Dec. 13, 1944. He fought in the K Co of the 311. Inf. Reg. of the 78. Div. He lived to be 28 years old. Since September the Americans foughtat this place in order to obtain access to the dams of the Rur River, which they did not reach until February 1945. The 78. Inf. Div. did not yet have combat experience. It was their first operation. Their 311. Reg. was attached to the 8. US Inf. Div. and they had been assigned the section at the "Ochsenkopf". The 8. Div. was the relieving squad of the worn out 28. Inf. Div., who had already made their sad experience on the All Souls Day battle in Nov. 1944. Before that date the 9. Inf. Div.already fought in this region at the end of September and in October.


In June 2004 a commemoration has been held in memory of the fallen Robert Cahow and of the sad circumstances of his death. Participants were an astonishing high number

of local residents, political and local officials, the historical society, military representatives from several Nations and in the first place family members of Robert Cahow. The Memorial Plaque, set up by the Family of R.Cahow, has been unveiled on this occasion. The plaque is inscribed in English and German. During the ceremony it has been mentioned that there are still 190 American soldiers still missing in the former battlefields of the Hürtgen forest. The place where the soldier was discovered is located easily visible close to the forest path and following an old tradition visitors place a rock there. In the meantime a considerably high grave mound of rocks has grown there. Further details are given on a board on the little cross.


Heavy fighting for months took place here because this site was an important defense line. Around the bunkers many trances can found, for a fact the one in the header of this site is taken near bunker 113.


Above: Interview with a former German soldier at Ochsenkopf (source).


On the crossing of the B399 and the L160 park at the parking place (see map below). When you follow the red line you can find all the bunkers above. However when you enter the forest at the side of the parking place you can find bunker 118 and 119 also. All of the bunkers are blown up.


The map above is located at the parking place.

You can find more details on the bunkers here: Bunkers

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