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Never enter bunkers during field trips because of the danger of collapsing parts. Entering a bunker may lead to serious injury or possibly dead.

Tips and guidelines

  1. Always have sufficient and proper equipment with you when going on fieldtrips. See also the  equipment section below for some examples.
  2. Never leave garbage on places you visit
  3. Respect access limitations, this goes for private property as well for nature parks.
  4. Do not take anything you find during field trips away from the site . If you may find explosive devices you should mark the place and directly contact the police!
  5. Always notify others where you are going for a field trip and when they can expect you back or can expect a phone call.
  6. Consider the weather in the trip area and bring suitable clothing!

Survival Book


  1. First aid
    Always have a minimal first aid kit with you. 
  2. Clothing
    Have proper clothing with you (e.g. raingear) and boots with good ankle support.
  3. Lights
    Take flash lights with you and do not forget spare batteries.
  4. Food and drinks
    Bring more water than you think you''ll need and don''t forget your lunch.
  5. Mobile phone
    Have a mobile phone with you so you can make emergency calls.
  6. GPS and maps
    Have a proper GPS device with you and some good maps of the area you are visiting.
  7. Photo equipment
    Don''t forget your camera to take pictures, because one picture says more than a thousand words.
  8. Helmets
    If you do want to enter a bunker (not advisable !) please bring a helmet.
  9. And please note "The fool learns by suffering" (Hesiod).

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