Usefull links to other sites

Missing 7grad

Site from a team hunting for bunkers and special places

Missing Bunker index

Website with pictures and some gps information

Missing Bunker NRW

Bunkers in Germany NRW

Missing Bunkervos

Dutch site with various bunkerimages and drawings

Missing Deutsches Atlantikwall-Archiv

This site contains also information about the Westwall

Missing Eifelyeti

Various locations in Eifel with GPS info and pictures (Offline, Mirrored!).

Missing Hitler places

Places that Hitler visited including Vogelsang and Felsennest

Missing Lost places

Various lost places

Missing MortHomme @

A Panoramio page of MortHomme containing pictures related to WWII.

Missing Ruckschau 2009

A report on a three day visit to the Hurtgenforest by

Missing Scorpio's Website

Info about the battle in the Hurtgenwald

Missing Vogelsang

Information about Vogelsang

Missing War Museums

Site with images and google maps

Missing West-wall

Information about the Westwall

Missing World War Tours

World War Tours


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