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Der Buhlert is a forest area near Schmidt (Germany) in which Westwall bunkers can be found which are fully intact. Because of it's bunkers this area is well known by Westwall enthusiastics therefore we have named our website Der Buhlert. This website is about the Westwall and related items.

The total number of pillboxes found currently exceeds 50! We want to visit the white spot locations soon so that all areas included in the bunker section has pillboxes included.

You can find pictures of bunkers we have found during our visits in the North Eifel (Germany). Furthermore you can find information categorized by category. Besides the Westwall the Battle of the Bulge will be included also in the future. Hopefully you will appreciate my site although there is still work in progress to get more content online. We also have a time line with events during World War II.

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No updates

Currently we do not have time to work on the site. The content will remain as is.

Considerations are being made to stop with the site and cancel the content.


Posted November 30, 2021


This site does not target extreme right elements, only hobbyists with an interest in the westwall.

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